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About Moongrazer Reptiles

    Moongrazer Reptiles is run by myself, Sasha Molnar, of Ottawa, Ontario. My passion for reptiles began in high school with a friend who bred blue tongue skinks, and to this day they remain my dream reptile. After university I dove deeper into the world of reptiles, watching tons of youtube videos and learning about different species and care requirements. When I first saw a video featuring a western hognose, I immediately fell in love.

    I rescued my first hognose, an older male I named Nutella, in January of 2018. That year I went from having 0 snakes to 9 (and one pacman frog). 2019 has been my first breeding year with 22 hatchlings so far. My favourite morphs include axanthic, snow, anaconda and superconda, lavender, and super arctic.

The snoot of Noot 🐍_#nutella #hognosesn


Thanks for joining us!

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